• Will less health and safety regulation mean a more economic or a more dangerous British supply chain?
    [August 7, 2015] I was at the SEMA seminar this June (which is pretty much like Glastonbury for anybody in the construction, manufacturing, or warehousing industry) and there were a few things I noticed. Aside from all the in depth stuff about changes in health and safety codes, there was an emphasis on SEMA strengthening their relationship with […]
  • For Niche Business Fields, Consider a Supply Chain Consultant with Industry Experience
    [May 22, 2015] Whether you are a local business or a global enterprise, if you spend time moving a product from point A to point B, figuring out the best way to manage your supply chain is critical. And while it may not be the most glamorous part of your business, the thoughtful orchestration of purchasing, inventory management, […]
  • arviem’s CEO Talks About Becoming the “Google of Trade”
    [March 6, 2015] I first met Stefan Reidy, CEO and founder, of arviemseveral years ago when he was in NY City to speak with Forbes magazine for an article on his ideas for tracking freight containers using a variety of wireless technologies.
  • Which Warehouse Locations Are Lean and Lucrative?
    [October 31, 2014] Of all the fearful factors that business owners and logistics managers have to deal with, one of the things they dread the most is idle inventory. As if supply chains aren’t boring enough as it is (or so people think!), the term idle inventory just exudes negativity. No company, whether mom and pop sized or […]
  • The Maker Movement and Its Impact on Supply Chain Transformation
    [September 17, 2014] I follow the Maker Movement as a consumer, analyst and also as a maker. What is the maker movement? It a manifestation of the DIY (Do It Yourself) or DIWO (Do It With Others) culture where everyday people design, build and/or market something that they want or need on their own rather than buying something […]
  • Revenue for SCM Software at $10 Billion This Year
    [August 1, 2014] Supply chain management software is on pace to hit $10 billion in revenue this year, according to a report from Gartner. That would be an increase of 12.2% over last year, and would be the biggest growth the industry has seen since 2011.
  • Apple Leads Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 List
    [June 6, 2014] Gartner has released its 10th annual Supply Chain Top 25, and Apple is at the top of the list for the seventh year in a row. McDonald’s came in second for the second consecutive year. A couple of new companies entered the list this time: Seagate and Kimberly-Clark. The composite score is calculated using the […]
  • Supply Chains Becoming More At-Risk as “Internet of Things” Grows
    [April 4, 2014] Gartner is predicting a 30-fold increase in Internet-connected physical devices within the next six years, and says this will “significantly” alter how the supply chain operates, and create more “cyber-risk exposure”. So how much is a 30-fold increase exactly? We’re talking about 26 billion devices on the “Internet of Things”. For comparison, it was more […]
  • Supply Chain for the 2014 Olympiad
    [February 21, 2014] From a logistical standpoint, the Winter Olympics is one of the largest freight and shipping nightmares to happen on a global scale. There will be packages, parcels, and pallets of goods shipped from other countries to one central location — en masse — for the athletes, spectators, media representatives, and workers. These goods will be […]
  • The Supply Chain of My Underwear
    [January 17, 2014] It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired this much about a pair of underwear. I recently purchased a pair of Icebreaker GT Spring Boxer Briefs. It’s ski season here in Europe and I wanted a little extra warmth and you can’t go wrong with merino wool. It’s a perfect, natural material for insulating the […]
  • Santa Claus: Master of Supply Chain Management
    [December 13, 2013] You may be facing stiff competition in your industry, but on your most stressful days take a moment to feel grateful that you aren’t competing against the ultimate all-time master of supply chain management. No question, the Santa Claus operation would easily crush the efforts of any small or large company — with nary more […]
  • Finding the Supply Chain Sweet Spot
    [November 13, 2013] In any supply chain, manufacturing operation, or field deployment of equipment, ‘time is money’ when it comes to detecting quality problems. Even small delays in detecting these issues can result in large costs, such as rework, scrap, product recall, product defect and associated brand damage, legal liability, and the list goes on.
  • Notebook Shipments To Be Affected By Chinese Holiday
    [October 11, 2013] Though notebook shipments languished over the summer, manufacturers still have the holiday buying season to look forward to. Now, it appears that a labor shortage in China could restrict notebook shipments even further. DigiTimes is reporting that China is currently experiencing a labor shortage, and that this shortage could lower predicted shipments for the month. […]
  • Supply Shock by Brian Czech – Book Review
    [September 12, 2013] “Could it be that something is wrong with the sheer immensity of our national and global economies? Of course it could, and the sooner we recognize it the better”, writes founding President of CASSE and a Visiting Professor at Virginia Tech University, Brian Czech in his landmark and thought provoking book Supply Shock: Economic Growth […]
  • The Number One Historic Logistician is….
    [July 26, 2013] Logisticians are dazzling masterminds who use ingenuity to transport cumbersome supplies across vast distances and over some of the world’s most challenging terrain. These transportation experts used manpower and pure mechanical force to get things where they needed to be.
  • Real-Time Big Data is the Next Big Thing for Supply Chains
    [July 2, 2013] The vast majority of supply chain managers are itching to adopt Big Data solutions. These managers believe that getting a handle on Big Data will make the supply chain more efficient, that it will reduce costs, and perhaps most importantly – that it will enable real-time analytics for better business decision-making, as opposed to relying […]
  • MRO Goes Mobile and Robotic
    [May 31, 2013] Scientists from IBM revealed a mobile maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) prototype which is designed to help organisations maintain high-value machinery in sectors such as aerospace, oil and gas and shipping. Using a combination of augmented reality and robotics, the mobile system will help field engineers accurately locate equipment, provide them with critical information and […]
  • The Role of Technology Within Supply Chains
    [February 28, 2013] The vegetables on a typical grocery store shelf in 2013 most likely did not come straight from a family-owned farm. In the olden days this was much more common, but with growing population and product demand, business around the world has changed. The items in grocery stores nowadays have usually taken a very long, interesting […]
  • Google Set To Get Better For B2B Sales
    [February 5, 2013] Google may soon become a better tool for businesses who sell products for other businesses. Google has a new product in beta called Google Shopping For Suppliers, which is essentially a B2B version of Google Shopping.
  • Common Sense Supply Management By Tom DePaoli – Book Review
    [January 4, 2013] “This book is a summary of many of the lessons that I learned in my supply management and management career”, writes Management Program Director at Marian University, and Principal and CEO of Apollo Solutions, Tom DePaoli, in his engaging and practical lesson filled book Common Sense Supply Management: Tales From The Supply Chain Trenches. The […]
  • Logistics as a Generator of Jobs
    [October 26, 2012] A few years ago I met Prof. Sheffi at an event with my colleague Theo Fletcher. ?He was nice enough to recently reach out to me for a contributed blog post as part of a publicity campaign for his new book.
  • Next iPhone Could Be Made By Robots
    [October 5, 2012] Human workers are awful. All they do is write scathing undercover reports on working conditions and instigate riots at the factory. What's a company like Foxconn to do?
  • Candlewest Releases Supply Chain Management White Paper
    [June 20, 2012] Candlewest recently put out a supply chain management whitepaper geared toward small and midsized companies, that are driven primarily by distribution operations or manufacturing. In the report they look at companies that need to improve visibility, integration, and the efficiency of their supply chains.
  • Global Supply Chains Remain Vulnerable To The Next Disaster
    [May 11, 2012] After last year's devastating events in Japan and Thailand, an earthquake, tsunami, flooding, and a nuclear event, many businesses faced prolonged losses as production was slowed or in some cases, even stopped. As these areas are hubs for electronics, semiconductors, automotive materials, among other productions.
  • The Lost Art of Managing the Supply Chain
    [April 13, 2012] Oliver Wight Americas, Inc. just released a new white paper: Integrated Planning and Control: The Lost Art of Managing the Supply Chain. The paper shares insights into improving customer service, operational performance, and applying Integrated Planning and Control to your bottom line.